Motette was founded in 1969 in Scheggia and Pascelupo, two small towns located within the Monte Cucco Park district, and began bottling water in 1972. The plant itself is located in Molino delle Ogne, a tiny village nestled in the green of the Umbrian mountains which guarantee its purity.

Motette came about because its founder wanted to be able to share some of the marvels nature offers – like natural mineral water which, protected by the earth and its rocks, springs forth for all to be enjoyed. Offering wellbeing and serenity is Motette’s mission, one which they are committed to every day with their waters, meticulous controls and their ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, as well as the Ministry of Health certification which recommends it for use in the preparation of infant formula.

The firm controls and bottles three distinct brands of water: Motette, Fonte Santa Chiara and Altea. The plant has a production capacity of some 65 million bottles per year which are sold all over Italy.