The Brands

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MotetteMotette 1litro

This label is the firm’s historical brand and its leading product.
A light and diuretic, low mineral content water, it springs forth from the slopes of Monte Motette in Umbria’s Monte Cucco Park. Thanks to its excellent dry residue factor and low nitrate content it is ideal for those on a low sodium diet and for use in the preparation of infant formula (as certified by the Ministry of Health with Directional Decree nr. 4076 27 dated July 2012).

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Low mineral content Altea is Motette’s latest product and comes from the area near Valdorbia not far from Scheggia. Altea, thanks to its well-balanced mineral content, is a water which meets all needs and is ideal for everyone.

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Fonte Santa Chiara

Fonte Santa Chiara:
Low mineral content Fonte Santa Chiara comes from a groundwater source deep within Monte Cucco Park and while it is ideal for everyone, it is especially recommended for those engaged in sports activities or anyone needing a quick boost of electrolytes.