The terrain

The company is located in the heart of the Apennine mountain range, nestled in a lovely valley dominated by the mountain which gives it its name. The waters bottled by Motette embody all the benefits of a terrain rich in geological, natural and climactic features.
Monte Cucco Park is famous for its many groundwater tables, for its minerals and multitude of caves, many of which are as yet unexplored, as well as for its history, culture and art. It is an ideal place to immerse oneself completely in nature and its soul.


Located in the very centre of the Italian peninsula, Umbria has no coastline but does boast many hills and mountains, it is a beautiful region in which to regenerate the body and the soul. Although relatively small as a region, the scenario varies widely: from the Sibillini mountains to the Castelluccio plains and gently rolling verdant hills, one invariably feels privileged to be in this magical and uncontaminated world.
The Landscape of Umbria Umbria has a very lively landscape in which woods, plains and seemly inaccessible areas are dotted with hermitages, castles, monasteries and the traces of the presence of man who, for many centuries, has chosen to inhabit this very special land.
There are many protected areas here in Umbria: there is a National Park (Monte Sibillini Park) and six regional parks, including Monte Cucco Park where the Motette natural mineral water springs forth.

Parco del Monte Cucco

Motette is the official sponsor of Gran Fondo Monte Cucco, one of the country’s most important mountain bike races.
Monte Cucco Park is very popular with mountain bikers and there is a major race in Costacciaro on the second Sunday of June every year called Gran Fondo. With its almost one thousand registered riders, it is one of the most important on the bike racing calendar in Italy.
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